Keyhotel was designed to be a simple tool to use but at the same time loaded with powerful features for our "New Normal".

No apps to download

No need to download heavy apps, grant permissions etc. From the hotel's own website, the guest can easily order and chat from a single interface. Suitable for both Android, Iphone, tablets and even laptops.

Ubiquitous Orders

Guests can order from wherever they are; from anywhere in the hotel, room, pool, games room etc. No need to make phone calls, manipulate printed menus etc.

Delivery Methods

Guests will have an easy and intuitive system to make orders without contact. In addition, guests can choose the desired delivery method and the one that best suits their convenience.


Real Time Status

Guests have access to real time status of their orders and requirements.

Loyalty System

Guests will earn points for each purchase which can be redeemed in subsequent orders, this works as an incentive to motivate them to place more orders in current or future stays. The system will bring more recurring orders and profits. Guaranteed!.

Real Time Communication

If any guest has preferences, special requirements, Late Check-Out, activity reservations, call service, contact valet, ask for more pillows etc. Through Real Time Communication this process is simple and effective. Contactless!.


Results in a few clicks!

Your hotel can take advantage of new technologies, creating new and innovative procedures for these times of uncertainty but on another hand, time of opportunity. In less than 48 hours your system is ready!.


Easy setup and management; In addition, your employees will optimize their time by avoiding errors in preparing and adapting orders, requirements etc.

Top of Mind

Your hotel will be better appreciated by guests thanks to technological interaction and the best service with its resulting efficiency; that among others, the system procures the safety of guests and workers as well in this CORONAVIRUS pandemic. COVID-19.


Your hotel can promote the products that can lead to bigger profits, thus increasing consumption, easily, quickly and effectively.

Real Time Communication

Guests have a friendly, safe and effective communication system in real time.

Optimized Reports and Processes

Your hotel will have an optimized system to better serve guests' orders and requirements; leveraged on useful reports and metrics.

Loyalty System

You will have a powerful guest loyalty system available, this system motivates future purchases in the current and / or future stays.

Calendar Input

Schedule your appointments, meetings and periodical evaluations using the provided in-app calendar option

Visual Editor

Leno provides a well designed and ergonomic visual editor for you to edit your notes and input data

Good Foundation

Get a solid foundation for your self development efforts. Try Leno mobile app for any mobile platform

Easy Reading

Reading focus mode for long form articles, ebooks and other materials which involve large text areas

Monitoring Tools Evaluation

Monitor the evolution of your finances and health state using tools integrated in Leno. The generated real time reports can be filtered based on any desired criteria.


Try Keyhotel

No commissions, no high investments in technological developments, all the benefits of the digital world within a click. In addition, with a multilingual system to provide excellent care to your foreign guests. In less than 48 hours your system will be live.Is a win win!.